Luckily you don't have to go 30 years into the future to hear our thoughts on the new sci-fi flick, The Tomorrow War!

1:53 - Movies We've Seen

24:04 - TV Shows We've Seen

28:08 - The Tomorrow War

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124 - Luka

The Gents are talking about the latest Disney/Pixar jam Luka! 

01:25 - Movies We've Seen

10:16 - TV Shows We've Seen

22:23 - Luka

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The Gents travel to the land of Kumandra to chat about the new Disney animated movie, Raya and the Last Dragon! Check it out on Disney+ and then hear what we have to say!

02:23 - Movies We've Seen

24:24 - TV Shows We've Seen

39:00 - Raya and the Last Dragon

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The Gents go back and visit another on the top 10 box office bombs off all-time, the 2015 "Space Opera" Jupiter Ascending! There are dog-aliens, Elephant pilot, Eddie Redmayne making a real acting choice and it is still somehow...boring? Hear our thoughts on all of it!

02:10 - Movies We've Seen (including a long discussion about Army of the Dead)

30:00 - TV Shows We've Seen

45:00 - Jupiter Ascending

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For this episode The Gents go back and watch a movie that had the dubious distinction of being the BIGGEST BOX OFFICE BOMB OF ALL TIME, John Carter! We talk about maybe why it bombed so hard, did it deserve to bomb and ultimately is it any good? 

0:00:43 - Movies We've Seen 0:07:05 - TV Shows We've Seen 0:29:40 - John Carter

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Test your might...with us! The Gents! We watched the new Mortal Kombat movie on HBOMAX and we have thoughts! 

0:01:02 - Movies We've Seen 0:15:43 - TV Shows We've Seen 0:34:16 - Mortal Kombat review

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Talk about a mash of monsters! We talk about the recently released on HBOMax action movie Godzilla v Kong! Hear what we had to say about this clash of titans! 

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We did it. We sat down and watched ALL 4 HOURS AND 2 MINUTES of The Snyder Cut! After all the ballyhoo over this edition; years of fans asking and creating online campaigns over it, was it worth it? We'll get into it! What works, what doesn't work, whether Steppenwolf is cuter in this cut or not. Plus, Max tries to move some merch in the Movies We've Seen segment! 

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Gentlemen's Mini #26 - Robert has put together a quiz for Max and Andrew to see if they can figure which character is played by either Adam Sandler or Andy Samberg!

Gentlemen's Mini #27 - The Gents all share some of their favorite and most memorable movie theater experiences. 

We went back into the vault for this one, we talk about an infamously weird and messy movie from 2007, Southland Tales. This movie has A LOT going on and we're not sure what of it matters and why it's in the movie but we talk about almost all of it. 

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